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Welcome to Algarvestetic Medical Center

The Algarvestetic Medical Center was founded in Portimao in 2015. We offer not just medical services but a holistic approach to your health through diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Our mission is to provide you not only with quality medical care but also support at every stage of your journey towards health and beauty.


We conduct modern and accurate diagnostics using advanced technologies and research methods. This helps us better understand your condition and develop the best treatment plan.


Our team of physicians, specializing in various medical fields, is ready to provide you with comprehensive and effective treatment. We aim not only to alleviate symptoms but also to cure and restore your overall health.


Recognizing the importance of recovery after illness or surgery, we offer rehabilitation programs aimed at restoring functions and improving your quality of life.


Our specialists will help you develop personalized prevention plans aimed at preventing diseases and maintaining your health in optimal condition.

We take pride in the opportunity to be your partners on the path to a long and active life. At the Algarvestetic Medical Center, we care for your health from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and prevention.

 Dr. Dana Bayimenova

  Dear friends, my name is Dana Baimenova. I am a general practitioner with 12 years of experience in emergency care, a member of the Doctors Without Borders mission, experience in diagnosing and treating skin diseases. (dermatoscopy, biopsy, histopathological examination, etc.)

I offer services of a general practitioner, consultations, diagnostics, treatment, prevention of diseases. I also offer aesthetic medicine services, hyaluronic acid fillers, thread extensions, etc. Our clinic is located in a convenient area in the beautiful city of Portimão. Welcome!

 Dr. Jaroslaw Maksymiuk

I am Dr. Yaroslav Maksimyuk, general surgeon with 25 years of experience.

Until 2013, I was the head of the surgical department of a hospital in Malaga, Spain. Since 2014, I have been working in the surgical department of the hospital in Faro, and I also offer surgery and aesthetic and regenerative medicine services at the Algarvestetic Medical Clinic in Portimão.

Aksana Kruglova


Dra. Ana Paula Alves


Maryna Kalashnikova


Olena Onisich


Ekaterina Olefir

Skin diseases

Dr. Francisco Martins              Urologista

Guida Almeida

Laser hair removal

Paula Cristina Alves Domingos Páscoa


Priscila Franca Marques


Ottilia Assmann

Aesthetic dermography

Artem Olifer